Who wants to lose weight and live a longer happier life?

By June 27, 2017Nutrition

That’s got to be what most of us really want isn’t it. 

In these articles UK Heart Doctor (Cardiologist) Dr Aseem Malhotra shares the surprising secrets he learned from studying the long healthy lives of those in a small village where men tend to live on average to 89 and many to over 100 with generally good health with almost no sign of the  typical diseases of ageing such as Dementia  and Type 2 diabetes which we seem to accept as inevitable in our world. The village gives his new regime it’s name the Pioppi diet which is detailed this week in the telegraphe here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health-fitness/body/lose-weight-live-longer-dr-aseem-malhotra-reveals-secrets-worlds/ and is in book form from Thursday. 

The incredible and for some controversial basics are that we should STOP fearing dietary FAT as new research shows it isn’t the cause of heart and other chronic disease as was once touted, and is promoted by many food companies. Yes you heard it LOW FAT and thus HIGH SUGAR  /Carbohydrate is becoming viewed as the problem not the cure!

The really powerful thing about this message for me is that it delivered for the first time by an articulate and well qualified member of the senior U.K. Medical profession who specialises in Heart Surgery, so this 180 degree shift in the message about healthy eating is supported by growing evidence based science not just the alternative health community who to their credit have been saying this for a number of years too.

This is the Mediterranean diet you’ve heard of but in reality this population eat pasta rarely and pizza maybe once a month thee main ingredients are fresh meat and fish in reasonable not large portions lots of healthy vegetables and seasonal fruit ,around 10 eggs a week and olive oil ( now seen a medicinal if not heated to high )and even butter as healthy fats to top things off.

The other key ingredient are moving more, just walking is fine, getting better sleep 7 hours or more is the aim a night and a weekly fast i.e. Not eating after dinner one night through to dinner the next day if possible (thus skipping breakfast and lunch only on one day) which fits with the evidence of cell regeneration(Autophagy )  through intermittent fasting seen elsewhere 

All in all a really interesting  read (from what has been shown so far) I’ve ordered the book and think i will give it a try as it’s only a 28 day programme and it could be a great time to use the fantastic home blood testing services of Thriva to monitor my health numbers before and after ( post holiday weight correction definitely required too😎)

Will keep you posted 
Here’s to your health
Kev 🐝

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