How do you help workplace teams compete for steps challenges?

By issuing Fitbit’s or similar devices to your staff/teams we can help you set up league tables and step challenges and if required report on these by way of regular wellness newsletters to keep staff engaged.

How do I access the fitness related rewards?

We work closely with our partners MME Group who use Vitality Health and Life to offer these benefits to those who take a Health or Life policy and become members of the Vitality rewards programme.

How do I get a Fitbit or other fitness tracker?

We provide customers who become Vitality Plus members a Fitbit or alternative tracker or contribute towards one of their choice so that they can track their activity and participate in the active rewards programmes whilst getting fitter and healthier in line with NHS guidelines.

How do I get an Apple watch?

With our financial services partners MME Group Ltd our Vitality plus members will be offered a contribution towards an Apple Watch 2 or Nike Apple Watch depending on their plan details. This can mean that the Apple watch is available with no contribution from you if you stay active and earn Vitality Points every week. Your monthly payment depends on how many activity points you earn each month. Your minimum monthly payment will be £0 and your maximum monthly payment will be £12.50. To fully fund the cost of your apple watch you need to earn 160 vitality points every month and stay a Vitality member for the entire purchase period. For more information please visit the Vitality member zone. Please call us if you wish to find out more.

How do I save on my Ocado healthy shopping?

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